The BSBP Building Video Page
All videos are linked to but can be viewed here. Please return for updates on during and after the project!

Cutting Foam

 This is us cutting foam after "the big spray-a-thon" event. It's definitely a good idea to not put too much of this stuff on...5 seconds to put on = 1 hour to cut off. Breadknives work best, but an electric knife might work too.

Sand Blasting

  Here's video of the hull sandblasting stage. Gena did pretty much all of the sand blasting, while I did pretty much all of the sifting and recycling sand. I'm environmental by nature anyway (hehe) The video also shows the base coat being applied, even though Gena didn't think we sprayed anything, here's the proof! This will help with rough fairing.

Final Hull Fairing and first coat

    The quick fairing job took a couple of days, and a very small amount of filler. The paint went on right away, just in case of rain

The Falling Pot

  This  video was posted because it was ironic that Gen...
This video was posted because it was ironic that Gena would drop the sandblasting pot and break yet another piece off it! We had lent the thing out to someone, and when it came back the fittings were broke off, the gauge wasn't working, and the tip was totaled...oh, and wet sand inside, yummy! We spent all that time getting parts and replacing this and that, then Gena drops it in the cockpit. Uggg!

Tape Peel

  Here's the waterline as the design stated....not as ...
Here's the waterline as the design stated....not as it really was sadly.. Oh well, I had fun with it anyway!

Rudder Part1

 Putting together the heel and lining up the rudder shaft. Gena doing a great job!

Rudder Part2

The second part of the rudder construction was done in time lapse to show the way it went together

Batteries up!

These giant batteries weigh nearly 200 lbs each (I later found out) and were a real bugger to get into the boat without causing major damage! Because the frame work that supports them needed to be modified, and the whole mains panel was changed, they were put in hauled out on to the floor several times by the time we were done. Ouch! My back hurts!
These are AGM style batteries, they'd better last.


Latch Fabrication

This is how the latches were done/work. They are very strong indeed


Folding Navigation Table Seat

This is one of the few projects that actually came out the way I had envisioned. Exactly. The seat back was a "build as you go" but this was perfect!


Gena's Desk Seat

Here's how I made Gena's desk seat, well the basis for it anyway. The minor changes between this and the real thing are actually better looking. She ended up making a plate for under it as the lag bolts into ply proved too weak.


New Exhaust System

This is the new exhaust system we installed while in the water. Check out for the skinny