Here are the videos that have been linked throughout the site in one neat page. Now there is so much more room on the host, larger videos for higher speed connections will begin to appear, stay tuned!


RealMedia Video:
Welding cutting grinding hull Video

Sept. 2002 & 2003

Turning her over

Windows Media Video:
These are a little clearer than the realmedia, a new codec for WM9 may want to install  (XP)
Preparation to paint hull
Sand Blasting
A Little Accident...
Installing Batteries
Sandy peeling for the guys!

Windows Media Video 3d presentations:
Using some 3-d animation skills to visualize certain areas & functions of the boat
Aft stateroom visualization

Entry door assembly
Flip-up door for locker
Sink drained
Fresh Water System

Windows Media Video: Other stuff
XET demo video promo

Time-Lapse boatcam video
Making rudder, framing aft, more..
Hull in 3d "try"



Some Raw video for download!
(right click and select "save target as")
Final Fairing of the Hull

Cutting Foam Insulation
Not Boat related: