Sounds Of The Sea
A few years back I wanted some sounds of sailing to perhaps create a relaxing compilation for my mp3 player. There was virtually nothing to find, so I have decided to make a page of sounds for anyone else that may want the same thing.
This list of sounds will increase in size as I get more during our travels!
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stereo, 128k mp3, 4m30s

A peaceful day under sail crossing the Strait of Georgia in BC, Canada. Everyone  laying around the cockpit fell asleep but me.
(Recorded with Sony Cam)

stereo, 192k mp3, 1m56s

Waiting at Neah Bay, WA to enter the NE Pacific Ocean, it did nothing but rain and blow. At first you can hear the wind generator whispering away, then the rain strengthens.
(Recorded with home-made stereo booster mic direct to studio.)

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All recordings are copyright free and can be used anywhere!