Sea-Song Music  
  Here is a collection of music I've created using samples from project Sea-Song
Hopefully they get better as the list grows larger!
  Disclaimer: I didn't put a whole lot of effort into the first few so please don't judge my composing abilities here (esp .if you're A&R lol!) go to instead!  


---Track name--- -------Track Description------------------ ---Track name--- -------Track Description------------------
bathtub3.mp3  This is the first tune made with bathtub waves! One of the
govvydock samples was used as an intro. Notice how the bath
waves sound like bells, a kick, toms, depending on the speed
they are played at.
govvydocks5.mp3 A darker, more ambient sound to start (which is what I'm aiming
for perhaps?) makes this one unique. I input a piano and the govvydocks5 sample
into a vocoder, which gives the piano a chaotic sound, and seems more analogue!
Almost breathy really. Regular drums provide the beat.
bathtub6.mp3 This track also uses bath tub samples for almost everything, but
I cheated and played my piano in unison. The snar-ish sound is
a raspy bathtub sample equalized near the top end.
bathtub9.mp3 Just set the newest (and loudest as I have increased the
resistor from 2.2 Mohm to 6.1 Mohm) bath tub samples with
Teflon to the midi input from my keyboards and played it in!
bathtub10.mp3 All samples are from the sea-song in this rockin' piece haha!
Ok, no more bathtub songs after this! The yappy dog bark sound
 is  one of those anomalies I mentioned in tests # 5 & 6.