This is a day by day account of our sailboat building project
My partner, Gena, and I have decided to take an early retirement
in three or four years to voyage around the world by sail, cruising from
country to port, while we're still young enough to do so! We have chosen
Bruce Roberts designed 43 MKII long keel cutter. The material, because of it's
strength and reliability in rough seas, and ease of one-off fabrication, will be steel.
I encourage anyone with any dream to work at making it a reality, life is short!
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Hull plating, top sides, cabin sides, roof, turning over, lead ballast, cabinets, Electronics, davits, seats, custom deck fittings, latches, bulkheads, LED lighting
**Last BOAT PROJECTS update MAY 8 2009
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DAY 1 Starting the project
Day 2

*** These days: ended Aug 8 / 99 ***

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*Last site update April 24 2014*
( We're Back!! Spring is here! Haul-out coming..updating ASAP)

-----Preparations for World Cruising-----

Yes! We finally had her hauled out to the coast, and we're getting ready for the launch
Waiting for the mast
Ready for the water!!
Finishing Up
Stuff we made for the boat after Day 458
Launch : JULY 30th 2008
Check for photos in the forum blog
She's in! No leaks!!

The Shakedowns/Sea Trials
She sails! Follow us through the first "voyages" &  Sea Trials

More News
Freedom! / Last update June 21st 2009

Projects Aboard
Last update April 16th, 2010

 Cruising Around
Getting ready for Big Blue /  Last update September 14th, 2009

-Ships Logs-
Follow us in our travels around the planet!

Yotreps Position
Our present position on google earth

NEW!!   Oceanic Music Research Project "SeaSong"
Not to be confused with the above sound recordings of life at sea, or below"Sound of the sea",  this project is the ocean
 actually composing music! The sensor system is just on the drawing board, but I'm about to test the prototype....(more)

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Videos of building the boat, sailing the boat, and adventures over the horizon

 "Sounds Of The Sea"
Download hi-quality MP3's of recordings I've made while under sail, on a beach, or at anchor


The Big Sailboat Project DVD videos Vol I & II

Click here to get VOLUME II

At long last, the Big Sailboat Project DVD's have been released!
Divided into 10 episodes, both Volumes are available on DVD or by
a digital download (for cheap! )  at TheSailingChannel.TV
From the humble beginnings of erecting the first frame on a cement pad,
to a closed in hull ready to finish the interior, then into the ocean on DVD2,
this series will take you there for a taste of what boat building is really like.
You'll never find a boat building series like this again!
View original Trailer   View another Trailer  View a sample

 View Samples of each episode

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The New Video Pages

Hosted By YouTube
The wireless boat cam is now up and running! It updates every minute and will be on when ever we're at a marina and
sometimes even anchored ( if the signals are there ) click boatcam.htm

Her "maiden voyage" video - right click here  (windows media) and ..save as...
( it's pretty big file )

We took her out with Ian, one of the riggers with Ocean Rigging and had a great time in the strait! She sails nicely, and is solid on the heal.
 There were a few minor issues, but that is to be expected on the first outing. I couldn't help but add some music to the video as it was an emotional milestone as well as a test run. We're so relieved she does well in the steeper waves and is a comfortable ride. I'll write more on our experiences in "More News" & "Shakedown" pages
          S&G August 4th 2008

More and more video is going to the new YouTube site

 Or just go to our youtube  video pages

Video can be downloaded from youtube using the new
Real  Player (2010)



The Live BigBoatCam
<online time2time!>
There's wireless at  some marinas and anchorages



Main (old) VIDEO PAGE
Main NEW Video Page (youtube)
Check out videos from start to finish



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