Day45 Nice Curve! Fitting opposite bottom plate
Yesterday was such a breeze as there were no problems with the radius plate. This side was a bit harder. The marking and cutting worked just fine, but the bulge, albeit small, was like a pimple that wouldn't go away! As can be seen in the photo above, we eventually ironed it out by slowly pulling in portions with the jack, and Gena welding tacks from underneath.
Certain orders of tacking can create different solutions, as we are discovering.
If the gap in the plate is too wide at one end, a monitored set of tacks can be made to pull it in. On the other hand, if the gap is starting to butt too tightly, or already is binding, then spreading out the tacks starting with the binding areas will keep it under control.
It takes a while, but experience is the best teacher with welding, I believe.

Day 45:
9 hours:
Fitted port side 2nd from aft bottom plate, ironed out bulge (mostly! )

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