Day43 Putting on bottom plate
The marked pieces were taken down for cutting and grinding. Amazingly, once put back up into place they fit quite well. We found that the notorious radius plate, just after the first join, had bulged out some.

Holes cut for welding pass
Once corrected with the jack, and some grinding to take out the overlap, it came in ok.
I cut out the rest of the circles (for access to keel hull join) as the points were no longer needed. Going around the stem pipe join with a batten was the hardest to measure.
It is going down at a very acute angle under the plate, and furthermore is round. I had to estimate where it would be under the plate. Of course Gena had to grind out more than I had cut.
As you can see in the pic to the right, one plate is longer the the other. The one to the left was moved up so it wouldn't run to close to the edge as the one on the right almost did.

View from high up - Both plates in

Day 42:
8.5 hours - Tacked in first 2 bottom plates

DAY 42
  Gena and I have produced a TV series of the whole project from start to finish! Watch this and lots more from the first frame to the last halyard (which was a "slopper stopper" for the boom actually!)
  It was quite a bit of work to produce, but well worth it in the end! The DVD volumes are separated into 10 episodes, the final being an extended episode.
  There's lots of video footage never seen on-line, great music, and 3-D animations of different projects and concepts. It's all been put together in an interesting and entertaining, sometimes hilarious, way. Building a boat is the same -interesting, entertaining, and funny...and not so funny sometimes!
  We hope we can give you all a taste of what it was like! S&G

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DAY 44