Day40 Nice Curve! Serving up the opposite aft side plate
The other aft side plate was much easier, being our second experience with large plate. It was somewhat difficult to manuever over and around the aft of the hull into position, but was much easier to bring into alignment. As can be seen in the pic above, the 3/8" gap left by the plasma cutter is just enough room to allow the grinder to do it's job. ( With the help of Gena of course! )
It seems that letting the stringers out to the plate in this case will be the correct thing to do as pulling it in would definately make it unfair. The importance of completly ironing out any coning or non fairness in theradius pieces becomes very obvious once installing the sides begins. They must not only curve down to the predesignated beginning of the straight section of the frame, but also be exactly parallel to the dirction the frame is pointing down to. If not, a "humped bulge" look would occur. When I look at it, I imagine there is one, but after checking it with a straight edge I'm reassured there isn't.
Suprisingly, the plate tends to have a slight curve looking downwards. Once all the sides are done, we will decide whether or not to let it go that way.

Day 40:
9 hours:
Moved, cut and fit port side aft plate.

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