Day 4 Grinding down the pieces to match blueprints
Day 4 is actually several days during the week spent during slow times at work grinding and comparing sizes. It has became apparent that accurate cuts are very important as grinding is very time consuming and labor intensive!
Also setting out the blue prints in only dry weather conditions is a must. We noticed that laying the warm plans on a cool plywood table made a difference, probably due to a bit of moisture present on the plywood. Firstly we lay the cut piece over the plans and plastic to check the lines. Then we grind off any extra on the curved sections. Test the piece at the sole line for straightness, and finally grind down the center side to make even while mesuring thickness at known points.(ie tip of keel and top of keel)

Day 4:
12 hours, finished web 8.0 and 7.5, 7.0 ready to check