Day 377 More wood framing
 We are burning the midnight oil these days, literally, I have been going back into the boat after supper and working some days until midnight, just getting small jobs tied up, recoating all of this wonderful wood stuff I have been making, and planning.

Genas' breaker box was mounted and wired in. It doesn't look as big in the cupboard! This is good!

I started with the opposite cupboard today, and tried to match the other curve. The top has the same shape and distance to curve but the bottom is higher because of the big difference in deck height from aft to fore.

This cupboard will have 3 shelves because of the shallowness of it.

Radio station panel in place
I also made the radio panel end and fit the panel. Notice how it moves away from the deck? This is because I found it would be easier to see the radios from the seat. It took some deciding and trial fitting to be sure!
The little fluorescent light up in the aft cupboard isn't for seeing inside the cupboard, it's actually a special UV exposure  light for making photo etch PC boards. I must have this!  Really! 
Who knows when I might need to make a new PC board to replace an old one, or just design something new for the boat. I have more or less permanently mounted it in there so any future exposures will need to be done "onboard". Cool!
The shelf below must be a specific distance as well, or the boards won't develop properly.


To the right is the big book of wiring and organization. I can't make heads nor tails of it, but Gena ensures me she has everything under control. This page is the panel on my desk. I have vowed to ( with her help ) translate it into an image so I can post it here and use it for future reference and a backup. There are many pages like this. I have thought of printing the images of each section on a plastic sticker ( or having it plasticized ) then attaching it to the corresponding breaker box.
Genas secret book of wiring wizardry
Speaking of breakers, this photo shows the main breaker panel that will go inside of the battery box. These are very big amperage (100 to 200A) and need to be connected well. Gena has mounted them on to a 1/4" copper bus bar that will be fed by the 4 large batteries, then the bus is mounted on to a thick chunk of Lexan for isolation.

Brilliant! She has a real knack for this!


Gena coal tarred the door frame as the temperature outside was a bit milder than day 376. It's always a concern because of the specs and temperature. We don't want to come to close to the minimum.

Even so, it's 8 hours later now and still very wet. Curing time in the summer is a couple of hours by comparison.

 To finish off this potpourri of a day, I mounted a cover for the :"after thought" wiring up over the forward berth. Using a router can be so wonderful at times! I basically cut in a 3 foot long 1x1 to house the wires. They can be seen poking out just before they go through the berth frame support. Pretty cool!


Day 377:
11 hours - Made radio panel, forward desk cupboard, wire tray, assembled breaker main panel, mounted and wired forward breaker panel, mounted UV light

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