Day35 Putting up 8th and first aft radius plate
Today was the absolutely perfect summer day. Hot and sunny, and dry enough to start early in the morning. As a result, a lot was accomplished.
view down hull   We put on split piece on port side and faired it in. Then trimmed both sides off vertical in preparation for the aft and last 2 radius pieces. We then split the last two plates length-wise to facilitate easy placement, but it turned out that may not have been necessary as the larger lower piece went in very easily. Refreshingly there was no warping or buckling in the plate. The length-wise cut won't be too difficult as the edge is straight and warp-free.
The actual plate is quite a bit too long, but better safe than sorry! We plan to pull in the mating upper piece right to the end in an effort to avoid the dreaded "fish-tail" look just before the transom. This is where the plate wasn't pulled in as to continue the curve up to the cutoff at the transom. It sounds silly that this could happen, but after seeing the way the curved plate in particular acts once past the last frame, it could very easily be missed. The fact that the transom isn't flat, ( now we know! ) could create an oversized transom size if not curved properly, which would all too easily want to pull out the plate back to its natural cylindrical shape. I guess we'll figure that one out when the time comes... The Australians are right! The steel does get too hot to handle when left in the sun. By 3:30 PM the heat became quite unbearable, and we were seduced by the sounds of everyone else having fun in the lake, so we packed it in for the day, and went for an attempt at sailboarding. ( Ha ha! That's another story! )

Day 35:
Faired in split piece of 8th plate, put on first half of aft split plate

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