Day 224 Trimming foam, grinding
The past few weeks have been a rest away from the boat to enjoy other pass-times during our spare time. It was really nice to sit back and relax as this season has been extended on boat work.
We almost got to the point of being lazy, watching TV etc. What a shocker to do some real work again! Are we out of shape or what?!

On odd days we would go out and do some trimming of the foam with breadknives. It's a lot of cutting when things are overdone depth-wise. Especially in corners. It's not perfectly even, but definately thick enough.
We have probably spent close to $2500 on foaming the forward half of the boat thus far.

Today I let Gena continue cutting foam and I got ambitious with the grinders smoothing some outside welds....carefully!

Yes, we made a booboo. During our rush to prepare for the foaming, we somehow forgot to smooth the outside hull welds down. They now must be done with extra care so as not to heat the inside to the point that the coaltar coating inside under the foam cooks off.

The temperature outside was about -10 so the steel was nice and cold. An occasional spit test verified that things weren't getting too hot.

Above the waterline, the welds are smoothed over and fined in with a huge 7" blade ( pretty gyroscopic that!) while below the waterline welds are rounded smoothly but not removed. This is for extra strength.

We tossed around the idea of flattenning down these welds also but chose not to. Besides, I'm sure the fish won't mind!

Smooth as silk, well..above the WL!

The hull is smoother..
I couldn't got to far up the seam ( right of photo above) as the little step ladder was getting scarey on the ice, and the big one is frozen in. Yay, winter in Alberta Canada!

Day 223:
8 hours - Cut foam down, ground port side forward hull welds smooth.

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