Day 223 Filling foam & styrofoam
The initial foaming fun has been completed, but now comes to fine work.
We really did miss a lot! Under the frames was expected, but some places were fairly large. Happily our local hardware has lots of the canned style of foam, albeit a little softer than the big stuff, but cheap!

Gena went to work madly filling everything that showed a darker tinge of color, and I cut the styrofoam for the pilothouse bulkhead. ( right photos )

We think, apart from insulation, the styrofoam has helped deaden the sound somewhat. The framework of the dash will be bolted on the other side so a few small chunks will need to be cut out.

It now looks so clean and white in here, it's quite a shock going out through the pilothouse on the way out! What a mess in there!


Canned foam to thicken

Filling under frames

Styrofoam inside the pilothouse bulkhead

The other side...
It seems that some areas on the bottom of the hull are way too thin, so Gena is filling in those areas with more canned foam.
We also have a smaller tank to do up under the web frames.

We are starting to wonder if putting in all these "T's" was a good idea. They are a real pain to get under. Recently we have read that a technique of tabs with wood strips running horizontally is easier. It sounds good, but I can see problems arising from going that way, especially toward the bow where curves are skewing quickly inward.

Anyway, we have decided (60/40) that the aft will be done this way. It's much less work, and in that area will have benefits.

When Gena suggested we lay wood over my beautiful frame job I just about freaked! So aft is a compromise.


Day 223:
6.5 hours - Foamed, foamed, styrofoamed, foamed. ( Not including evening work )

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