Day 171 Aft chain -plates / cooling
Finally, after a long wait, we are working on the aft chainplates! I cut them out months ago.

Outside view of the cockpit drains welded
There are 2 of them instead of one. We decided this because they will be used also for a backstay antenna, and will allow more flexability this way and also lessens the chance of "problems" if one ever failed.

We have it snaped into the transom, with some 3/8" stainless as a gusset. Because of the multiple angles and a much desired trajectory accuracy, a piece of cardboard was used first.

Even with this, and a level etc, it wasn't easy like I thought it would be. If I ever had to do it again, I would make up a gizmo that would measure levels and angles from all 3 planes at once....or grow two more arms!

The problem was, as I turned the chain plate inward to point at the virtual masthead, the turning of the flatbar would present a new angle on the forward plane. Also the height would change - thus the position of the hole we needed to cut. As it turned out, I had to keep going outside to recalibrate one angle or the other and move the hole mark.I even had to remember some trigonometry to finish this job. As can be seen in the photo, I seriously missed my first attempt at this haha!

View from inside sail locker
The chainplate will also have a smaller gusset going at 90 degrees to this one outward to meet the hull.

While I messed around with the chainplates, Gena did the hose connections fore and aft on the cooling system.

I'm not sure but I don't think that's right in the photo there!

The hose must be of sufficient height to allow for bleeding air out. See? I'm not just another pretty face ya know!

Somehow the cold got to us, and this was all we were able to do today. Outside is -10 degrees with a real wind. Yuk!

Day 171:
5.0 hours - Set up chainplates for welding, put fittings on cooling system.



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