Day 129 Building engine hoist and trial fitting in engine
Today we decided to trial fit the engine. We origionally used a cardboard cutout of the engine to get an idea of where it should be, and of it's dimensions. Firstly we had to build an engine hoist to lift the heavy thing! I wanted to hang it from the pilot house roof on a bar, but Gena insisted we make a moveable stand. I must admit, her idea was way better as we are able to move it around into and out of position. Once we are through, we will have to cut it up to remove it.
In the photo above Gena is just doing the last weld on the hoist.
With some initial measurement I was able to cut out the two web frames to accomodate the engine. This took a few tries as the engine needed to be lower, and lower. We kind of have a plan where the prop tube center should cross the hull into the keel, so we put on the transmission ( a new hurth ) and attempted to line it up with a square. The transmissions output can be straight, or angled down at 8. We chose the angled down version as we aren't sure if the oilpan is deep enough to tilt the engine safely at 8 required by the prop shaft.
Warm muffins and a hot coffee were in order!
Now we have an idea of where the engine mounts will be going, and how deep the engine needs to sit. Next job is to make new engine brackets as the existing ones are designed for a flat surface below the bottom of the engine. No good! The engine mounts need to be 8" high!

Day 129:
7 hours - Made an engine hoist, cut out webs, hoisted in engine to trial fit. Welded in another keel plate.

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