Trim Ballast and mast supports
The kind folks at the local scrapyard finally asked for their propane tank and tiger torch back ( after 6 months ) so back to making ingots! These are for the trim ballast, about another 2000 lbs.
Gena did this for the most part while I prepared up plate for the mast support.

The mast origionally was to be deck stepped, but we decided for strength reasons to make it keel stepped. A minor alteration of the interior makes it possible. Having a keel stepped mast to me is more romantic, ie seeing the hulk of a mast coming through the plush interior giving a constant reminder that we're at sea! hehe

For the base plate we are going to use 1/2" plate. This will be covered in more detail when we arrive to that point.
The mast supports, 8" high, 22" long, are attached to 5 web frames and are 1/4" plate with 3/8" flat bar top and bottom.
Quite a support indeed!

Me tapping plates into alignment for the mast support

Day 128:
8 hours- made and stored 2400 lbs lead ingots, put in longit. mast support frames. Welded in aft sump plate.Primed pilothouse roof and cabintop!

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