Welding in plates on keel bottom
In hindsite, putting primer inside the keel was a very bad idea! It is difficult to remove hanging upside down with a grinder, and creates fumes that give you an instant hangover without the night before!
The plates must sit on top of the lead, primarily to stop the lead from coming out in the event of a full roll over, and also to provide a base for integral fuel tanks, sumps, battery box, and whatever else.
To the right is the above plate installed! This one was pretty easy as it is near the shallow forward edge of the keel, but further aft the plates were difficult and much deeper. If we had to do it again, we would have pre-cleaned the inside area of the keel of primer and millscale before turning the boat over.

We have just aquired a sandblaster, and plan to use that to clean the remaining 2 sections of the 6.

Below are the lower fuel tanks which are integral and baffled from each other. In the tank to the left is a lower half pipe section that will collect any water that ends up in the fuel. This can be drawn out thru a separate tube.

Day 127 :
10 hours - (Over 3 separate short days)Welded in keel plates and cut out baffle cleaned tanks etc

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