Keel Fill!
Genas 3-d jigsaw puzzle in lead looks tight and follows the shape of the keel.
Unfortunately, it proved to be quite a job to get it into the keel the same way. The large pieces were especially stubborn and needed to be prodded back and forth with a large pry-bar many times. One piece was 270 lbs.
Eventually all the pieces were in place but it took about 5 hours, a good set of work clothes ( tar ) and a few strained muscles to complete!

Finally, we have decided, the melting pot will be used for the next frame area, as this is too time consuming.

We plan on making some more managable sized ingots, that will be easy to fit, and cut if necessary.

Finally all is in place!

Day 123:
6.5 hours: Filled another frame with 1000 lbs of lead, filled openings with filings

PS... Thankyou for all the response and notes on the site not working properly, our host went bankrupt so the
site was completely erased ( Thank god for backups!) anyway, it is on the way back up to date. 20/03/03

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