Here is a collection, in order of date, of nice images taken during the project that are nice to look at.
These photos are 1024 * 768 ( 768 * 1024 if vertically oriented)

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Frames and stringers nearly completed

Bloody winter!!

Gena up for air

Lead compartments in keel. "I" Frames for mast support

Liquid metal! Pouring ingots.

Twisting bulwark frames

Forward hatches over sail locker and forward stateroom

Tambour cupboards for galley under deck

Side of counter with grab handle will encompass a "spice rack"

LCD TV framing will have protective lexan cover

Dining area seats on hinges for storage underneath

"Little wonder" Watermaker under sinks

Doors going down from pilothouse with top board

Dining area seatbacks made from plastic trellis

Gimballed stove/oven fit between counters

Overhead auto light modified for LEDs ( white and red )

Bilge control, waste water tank level, battery monitor, and load diverter monitor mounted on side of locker

Tambour door matches island end

Sealed DVD player cabinet

Galley drawers done!

 End of berth "foot locker" stores antique sewing machine

Flux-gate compasses

Pressure washer in sail locker

Dash frame

Laying out dash face framing/gauge panel

Main battery box. 4 x 8D's nicely rigged with breakers

Dash try

Test fitting the dash panel after tilt steering hole cut higher

A nice view from outside. Late August 2007

Gena mounted the Newport stove on the tiles she laid expertly.

The Nav. table support and little desk. August 16 2007

Gena carries in the gravity feed tank for the stove.

The pilothouse fuse panel under the dash. I thought Gena was joking when she said we needed this many breakers. August 2007

The emergency "Plan B" for the radar gimbal constructed in one day. Polish later! August 13 2007

Sprit surround

My radio station / music studio

Pedestal Tacked together with Richie compass on board

Got those little doors on at last!

Solar power coming in, must watch batteries don't over charge. About 4 amps in partial shade at photo time

Wind Gen at the ready. Is a bit "stiff" for the first 100 hours or so.

Aft entry more or less finished. Taken from outside window

Cutting foot of over size main sail

Round tambour cupboard on end of ice box.

LED lighting for counter tops in galley

 Spice rack made from eaves guard screen, painted "rustic" adds support to hand hold

Stretching out the heavier genoa sail. Looks like it'll fit just fine!
"The Showing"

This is pretty much how the boat looked when we had an "open boat" for the whole neighborhood


This picture of the deck is actually bigger, right click and save as...  for full size

Table with guards in place. 3/16" SS pins fit holes in table so they can be easily removed.

Ready to go to the coast!!!

Night at anchor, planning the next trip

"Aussie-legal" storm sail (it was a coincidence!)

Under way heading to the gulf islands

Serenely anchored in a bay. Our first time on the hook!