We searched through many designs by many designers and were pivotal on a couple of other boats but this one won our hearts!

The Bruce Roberts 43 MK II Cutter rig, similar to a 434.

The size for us is both maximum and minimum. She has the maximum size sails we could handle, good headroom throughout, even in the aft head, and enough space that we can each have our own "place" on the boat.
The long keel was designed for shallow and deep draft. We chose deep as we weren't sure on our mast ( steel or aluminum ) at the time.

The interior seemed to have a few short falls we didn't like though.

-The forward head had to go in lieu of a sail locker. Where the sail locker could be, the chain locker had to go etc.
-The hatch over the sail locker had to run right against the bulkhead to make it a usable size, and also needed to have a rounded front to match the rounded cabin front.
-Because we aren't deck stepping the mast, the load bearing bulkhead had to be moved ahead 1 foot, which was ok because it lined up into a frame ( making it easier to make waterproof ) and gave more space in the vital galley/dining areas.
-We switched sides for the galley and dining areas. The galley should be small and tight, the dining area roomy and comfortable. The door forward is offset to allow room for the forward berth and is bordered by the mast.
-Aft is pretty close to the design except the head was re-arranged to allow for a small bath tub ( guys never think of these things!! )

Outside, there are a few differences.

-The coaming around the cockpit runs further back to allow for more storage of "outside" items.
-The cockpit is wider because the size of wheel we want wouldn't fit well into the original size.
-We added a solid swim platform so the transom is still exposed but has thick swept downward sides. This changed the appearance of the boat substantially and made her about 2 feet longer. We hope this doesn't effect the performance is any way!
-Steps were put in going up to the poop deck instead of a ladder type.

All in all we trust the design and that Bruce Roberts has tons of experience in boat design ( and sailing ) and wouldn't trade her for a million bucks! ( Or two so don't even think about it! )

Sandrine Sims, webmaster