Day98 Pilothouse edging and "T"ing frames
With experience comes knowledge, and last years experience rounding off the poop-deck to side plating using split pipe sections made today run like clockwork.
After a brief morning rain, and Gena rushing into town to pick up some more plate, work on the Pilot house edging began.
Due to the aforementioned experiences last year splitting pipe, I decided to make some modifications to 3 clamps. I welded a short piece of 1 1/4" angle bar, point out, to each side of the clamps. This way a piece of 1" flat bar could be clamped firmly in place on the pipe and used as a guide for the cutter. This worked great for both rounded edges on the pilothouse, and they were perfect! ( pic right )
The pilot house sides were cut down by measurement, then cut again and ground to trim. I have figured out a better way to do that too, which will be explained tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Gena was putting in some 1/8" x 1 1/2" flat bar under all of the frames to make a T. This is where the ply will attach on the inside. The design called for 1 1/4" x 1/4" but to make a joint of plywood on that would be difficult without using a trim bar. We emailed the the designer and he said it would be ok. These are also for strength. Of course the whole structure became rigid after they were applied. It was a good idea putting these on before the plate went over top, as welding them in after would have been a real problem for a T shape!

Day 98:
7 hours - Split pipe for Pilothouse top and installed, T'd all overhead frames on pilothouse

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