Day95 Cockpit floor framing and intercostals
The weather still is very nasty for this time of year. Strong wind and below zero temps as daytime highs. Still I remained out side most of the day, bending cabin-top cambers for next weekend, so Gena could have some room to put in the intercostals between the pilot-house frames. ( below )

When I came up, surprise! She had framed in the cockpit floor area! ( Pic above )
She introduced a slight downward level away from aft as the cockpit drains can't be aft. If they were, they would have to got right through the aft stateroom and across the bed! Not an option.
Going to have to watch the head on those!

Gena's great intercoastal work!

Day 95:
7 hours - Put in intercoastals on pilot house roof, the framing for the cockpit floor, bent 4 more cambers, and cut some cabin side wall frames.

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