Day92 Framed pilothouse sides
The angles of the pilothouse sides were pretty good to start. But we noticed the plate had a horizontal curve when we went to put some straight frames on them. when the plate was pulled straight, the angles changed slightly and needed to be checked. Happily, we bought a circular anlgle thingy that has a plump indicator inside and seems very accurate! A real plus is that it has a magnetic base so we don't evn have to hold it! The minus is that of all colors they had to choose for the plumb, they chose red.
As can be seen in the above photo, the tarp makes everything blue, red + blue light = black. --and of course the degree lines are, you guessed it, black. Oh well, soon the tarp will be gone. yipee!

Frames are in!
Gena snaped of all the bottoms of the frames so they would fit in nicely to the deck edge, then welded them up.
We managed to negociate the wrinkle caused by (har har! ) defective plate with a couple of long 2x6's wedged across the boat. These will hold the shape until we can run the pilot house top frames across which incidentally is our next project on the agenda.
Because it was such a nice day, I pulled out the blueprints and created a camber-master for all the following frames to be made for the pilothouse and cabin tops. I couldn't believe how much more of a camber there is here than there was on the poop-deck! This'll take some time to do I think. The master took me an hour at least.

Day 92:
5 hours
Framed and faired pilot house sides, made master for pilot house and cabin top camber

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Motorhome CB Installations
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