Day91 One side up!! Putting in cabin sides
Well there it is in place! We used the same method as before, no template, just lifted them up ( by hand this time as it was snowing outside ) and clamped them into place, and cut by running the plasma gun along the deck.
preparing for next piece!   As the angle increased to 10 degrees near the bow, we had to wedge spare pieces of flatbar in from the top until the proper angle was accomplished.
Again, after cutting, the cabin sides just snapped into the right curve and angle! Boy am I glad that worked!!
( my idea! )
After both sides were in we decided to weld up the join between the pilot house side, and the cabin side at the last minute. OOPS!! we forgot about bracing the two first and it resulted in a nastly warp as the welds cooled. Those will have to be cut out and rewelded properly.
Jeez we thought we knew better ha ha! That's the great thing about steel, mistakes can be easily repaired.
The cold hasn't been much of a bother as the tarp keeps in the heat. The annoying thing is trying to find materials buried under 2 feet of snow!!

Transom partly buried but location of scrap steel unknown!

Day 91:
8 hours:
Put up cabin sides

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