Day 9 Putting together half frames
Getting down to business!
It seems like a simple task: lay down the pieces match them up to the lines on the plans, cut off accordingly and put together. But little things like a warp in the (cheap) 3/8" ply can play havoc with the flow of things getting done. Lesson learned: use only the finest materials, they may be more expensive, but they're worth their weight in gold time-wise, and become a burden if not.
Welding is a bit like making a card-castle with silly putty. After the silly putty is applied between two cards to hold them together, and you release your finger from pressing it on, the putty tends to retract towards a more rounded shape. This action will pull the cards closer together and change their origional intended position.
In welding, this motion can be countered to an extent by tacking first, then welding the other side in the same area as first weld...after cooling.....
We haven't quite got it down-pat yet, so out came the 20 lb sledge!
Despite all the problems with the ply, everything worked out and eventally lined up to the plans. Each joint was ground in at 30 degrees before welding, then tacked to reduce deforming. With practice it became better and moved less during cooling.

Day 9:
9 hours - cut, beveled, and welded frame halves 0,1,2 & 3 together.