Day88 kewl way of battening bulkhead Put up a bulkhead aft of pilothouse
The bug got us! It's in the middle of Febuary, normally a brutally cold month in Alberta, and we're out working on the boat! We heard on the weather that we'd be gettin to +10 today, so we got some last minute 1/8" plate, ( that's a story on it's own ) and new clamps etc the night before. Ready to go at a moments notice!
The pic above shows what we learned from a 5 second segment of a professional boatbuilder on That's boating TV! We used gluegun glue to stick each peice on which works great when it's not too warm out.

Bulkhead is cut from batten pattern, very accurate!
It does take a bit of thought though as to where exactly to put the sticks. For the other side we will use a few more on the radius as that was where the ( slight ) error occured. Normally the bulkhead could be set on top of the stringers, but as we would like this bulkhead to be watertight, seating it to the hull seemed a better idea than piecing it together with flat bar after.
Pic to left shows plate marked by the batten. ( We may use it for plants in the spring hehe! )
Wiggling it into place, into the stringer slots, proved to be the most difficult task of the day, partially because of our taped down tarp pulling at the top of the plate, and partially because both of us are maybe a teeny weeny bit out of shape!
Anyway the bulkhead ( left ) is 4' wide and 10' high ( to the pilothouse roof)
We're going again tomorrow if it stays warm
The day left us wishing that spring was here, but winter is sure to return... or is it?

Day 88:
9 hours:
Put in aft bulkhead on port side, had fun :o))

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