Day87 Served up poopdeck plating
Wow what a great way to wrap things up! The deck plating went on so smoothly we almost feel we're getting good at this stuff! We laid the plate on top, Gena marked it underneath, I cut it, ground it off (pic above ) and gena welded them in. Done!
It was a good thing too as it got really cold and we had to get the tarp organized, and get some boards on top. We really don't want water, ( or ice for that matter! ) filling up the keel....something about expansion?
Anyway we need a break, but we'll miss working on her for a while.

Finally found a place to park the New Yorker!!

Day 87:
7 hours, cut placed and tacked on poop deck port and starbord. Buttoned her up for winter

to DAY 86
  Gena and I have produced a TV series of the whole project from start to finish! Watch this and lots more from the first frame to the last halyard (which was a "slopper stopper" for the boom actually!)
  It was quite a bit of work to produce, but well worth it in the end! The DVD volumes are separated into 10 episodes, the final being an extended episode.
  There's lots of video footage never seen on-line, great music, and 3-D animations of different projects and concepts. It's all been put together in an interesting and entertaining, sometimes hilarious, way. Building a boat is the same -interesting, entertaining, and funny...and not so funny sometimes!
  We hope we can give you all a taste of what it was like!

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