Day84 WOW! What a hull! Welding on poop-deck frames
Now the last peice of side deck plating is on, we have decided to put in the subframes for the poopdeck and even them off for placement of the cambered poop deck frames. This way we can get the aft part of the boat covered in. ( With plywood for now )

I cut out the frames and slotted them while Gena welded them in. The object was to get the tops to taper in where the plate would end up on the side. This edge will then be the seating for the 1/4 of 2" pipe we plan to use as en edge. Some grinding was required on the existing frames as the stringers had held it out until it could butt into the frame itself. This was a lot easier than trying to push out the plate, possibly causing a distortion in the whole hull!

Getting these even with one another was a bit difficult and did take the rest of the day to complete.

Day 84:
8.5 hours - Welded up remaining side deck and welded on false 1/2 frames for poop deck sides.

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