Day80 Levelled out and welded in deckframes
The deck stringer was slightly bent around during the plating proceedure so a new deck alignment was in order. Fairing by eye and using a level as a straight edge was the only way we could think of gettin the smooth curve back.

To tack on the deckframes, we used a cambered piece of plate made from the blueprints as a guide and started at the widest part of the hull.
As we moved away from there, each side, the guide was trimmed off so it would fit between the bulwarks.

The frames still need to be trimmed off as their lengths were overcut some. I thought this would be much more difficult than it actually was. If I had to do this again, I probably would have done it the way the designer had suggested. This would be to use full size, cambered pieces, the cut them off using a guide.
All the same, they are all fair and didn't need any support to stay straight. ( Except while Gena was welding them in solid! )


Day 80:
9 hours - Put in deckframes and faired

DAY 79

We sell Uniden

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DAY 81