Day79 Putting in false frames
Now the fun stuff begins!!
We both have admitted that working on the hull upside down became tedious and boring after awhile (even though we wouldn't at the time!)
But now it's a whole new project "au verso" ! After having cut some supports, things became more spacious, and the hull has remained solid and sturdy.
We have decided to blend our efforts, Gena doing interior hull welding while I evened up the deck stringers in preparation for putting on the side deck beams.
The deckstringers had become distorted up in places and down in others. This could have be from the stress of applying the plating, or from uneven concrete or stongback. We're not sure, but it was out up to half an inch! I derived an average using the level and a long flatbar to get a flowing curve up to the bow. It was leveled also from port to starbord. Gena was impressed hehe.  
The false frames, ie. the half frames reconstituted a few inches below the deck stringer were made up and tacked in place. Sorry there's no photos of this for some reason, so you'll have to put up with another one of my 'dimensionally challenged' drawings!
We made them snaped off at one end and about 8" long. The half frames aren't running above the web hieght due to weight concerns. It's best to keep the weight below the waterline wherever possible.

Day 79:
7 hours:
Welded up some hull, faired deck stringers, made up some false frames and tacked them in

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