Day78 Touching up welds Turning over!
After the keel paint had sufficiently hardened, we could only wait for the crane to arrive. The following Saturday the crane arrived. As soon as he pulled in, a small crowd gathered at a "safe" distance from edge of our driveway!
To our amazement, everything went so smoothly, it took only about an hour!
Firstly, the crane operator inspected the re-enforcements we had made, then hooked on a steel cable to each of the eyelets in our c-beams. 2 loose on port side, and 2 tighter that ran underneath the boat. On the other side he connected two slings to the same eyelets on starbord side. These ran up to the higher hook on the crane.
Our job was to steady the boat with ropes tied on fore and aft so it wouldn't hit trees and whatever else!

Just hanging in there!

As the crane pulled the hull upwards, the weight was really apparent from my standpoint, it was going to turn and I had very little effect. Oh well, it looked good anyway! ( pic above )
Of course the photos show no justice whatsoever as to the size of the hull hanging there. A pause was in order so more photos could be taken. ( operators idea haha! )
As the boat came past half way around, the slings rolled into the hull on one side, while the cables would support the other. Once completely around the slings were loosened off and the single crane pulley with 4 cables held the hull ready for positioning and sliding in supports.

Putting in the stands and blocking

The stands lined up perfectly and needed very little adjustment. Also the hull was completely level both fore and aft, and port to starbord. ( See I'm using the correct terms! )
The height of the aft where we will be climbing in over the next few months was way higher than we thought! Good thing the transom isn't on yet.
We noticed the only the blocks underneath first 2 1/2 feet of the keel were load bearing, so the crane operator advised we build a small stand for under the bow area. This would prevent it from walking. Good idea!!

Gena having a fist look up on ladder

Well there it is! We are newly enthused about the upcoming deck work and a real change in scenery around here! If you are building a boat in the Edmonton area and need it turned over, call
Champagne Crane
because he really knows how!
We spent the rest of the day sitting inside the boat and making plans :o))

See the Video in Realmedia, download full size video from TheSailingChannel.TV

Day 78:
3 hours:
Turned over the boat!

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  Gena and I have produced a TV series of the whole project from start to finish! Watch this and lots more from the first frame to the last halyard (which was a "slopper stopper" for the boom actually!)
  It was quite a bit of work to produce, but well worth it in the end! The DVD volumes are separated into 10 episodes, the final being an extended episode.
  There's lots of video footage never seen on-line, great music, and 3-D animations of different projects and concepts. It's all been put together in an interesting and entertaining, sometimes hilarious, way. Building a boat is the same -interesting, entertaining, and funny...and not so funny sometimes!
  We hope we can give you all a taste of what it was like!

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