Day75 Putting in beams for crane
The order was for two pieces of "I" beam to span the beam width, and allow a solid connection for the crane to lift the boat from. As we searched the scrapyards, a "C" shaped set of 4 beams was found. Each had a tab pointing off 90 degrees on the back of the C. I plasma cut those off, there were 4, and placed them inside the C for greater strength, cut out the hole and voila! Welded together they made 2 14' very heavy beams.

First support beam in place, ready for crane!
After these were in place, the diagonal cross supports were put in, attaching to the webs and frames on each side. All frame welds were rienforced for maximum rigidity. We don't want to take any chances!
We then jacked up the whole hull, fist one side , then the other and mounted it on (only) four blocks. One can be seen to left.
The hull was very rigid and solid. Not even bouncy at all! We were amazed, and relieved about this.
We then pulled out the strongback that had supported everything since we started the project.
All ready for turnover!

Day 75:
12 hours: (Actually totalled over two days!) Joined and welded in beams, supports etc.

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