Day70 Adding rudder base to aft keel
This little box at the aft end of the keel is what holds the rudder in place and must be quite sturdy.
Keeping the 1/2 inch at correct height is also very important as this will house the lower bearing "block" and everything must be straight.
This part must be
whole bottom of the
coated before the
The center point
was plumbed to
down to aft stembar
We at first thought
side plates in place
the aft of the keel
was painted, it

1/2" across top and 3/8" off keel aft
done now as the
keel must be finish-
boat is turned over!
of the extension
ensure accuracy
that with the large
that it would make
ugly, but once it
looked just fine :o)
Gena did a lot of intense welding for strength, the last thing we'd need is our rudder falling off in rough seas 1000 miles from nowhere! We've read lots of stories where that did happen, mostly due to not enough maintenance but sometimes just the shear stresses the sea can put on a rudder can snap it right off.
Some welding had to be left at the extreme end for after turn over, painting it won't be a problem there as it is a rizen part.
The welds where the plate meets the keel sides had to be built up and smoothed to a longer taped...just for looks

Day 70:
8 hours: Cut out and built rudder support, faired in and primed

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