Day 7 Cutting Headstock (for frame support)
And flatbar
The more the merrier seems to be the rule with support for the frames! We cut lots of flatbar for the frames and exact lengths of headstock. That's what goes across the strongback that will eventually hold up the whole boat while upside down. The lengths are important as this determines the width of each section of frame.  
We also layed out the plans onto 3/8" white painted plywood and drew out 1/2 of the frames (the right side of the full sized plans) with the aid of a thumbtack and a waterfast pen. Then we checked out some of the radius pieces against the lines and found some indeed would have to be slightly bent one way or the other to match up.

Day 7:
8 hours - Cut up 10 lengths of headstock 2" x 2" x 1/4" and 10 pieces of flatbar
and some misc. pieces. Layed out 3 4x8 framed plywood sheets and tied together
(painted earlier) and copied lines through from plans (took 3.5 hours)

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