Day69 Adding plate for inverted transom
The transom of the boat has been a long debated subject between us, whether to have a swim platform, solid or stainless steel bars/steps, or inverted around the edges. We finally decided to go with a "scoop" type of inverted transom. Of course this means more plate to be added on aft.
This took some real eyeing up on my part, and patience with me on Genas (haha!) The flat part of the plate was a simple matter of lining up and tacking on, but the radius extension was compound and had to be just perfect.

Transom addition looks great!!
Any mistakes on these would be VERY noticable! Amazingly enough my estimations worked out exactly as antisipated and the day ended on a happy note.
All of the plate won't be used as the edges will curve forward as hieght increases. The transom plate itself will remain in almost the origional intended position, only with a slight less angle towards vertical.
This will be the first thing we do once the boat is turned over.

Day 69:
8 hours: put on transom bottom plate extension.

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