Day 63 Welding in the radius verticals
Today we concentrated our efforts on fairing in the radius vertical butt joins. They were pretty close the ones we did today, but WOW does it ever look better now! As seen in the photos we used the jack and chain again, as we did the latter part of last fall, after discovering it worked really well.
My modest but useful modification came into play today. Last year the problem with the jack was that the chain kept slipping off and the links had to be balanced just perfectly across the head. So I bought a 1" pipe fitting that just barely made it over the head of the jack. Then tapped it for 3 large setscrews, and welded a piece of angle on top to hold the chain. Frustration was non-existent today I must say! ( See right )
Everything went like clockwork, even the weather that was supposed to be rainy and miserable held until just minutes after our last weld, and we had the boat covered and equipment put away. It then poured for hours after.

Day 63 :
8.5 hours - Welded split radius back together, "pushed" in to fair 3 radius vertical joins. No coning there!

See us building any time!