Day60 grind grind grind!! Grinding Keel weld port side
Well there's me, with my nose to the proverbial grindstone! This took pretty well all day, between light rainfalls. Of course this was the first day it has rained this year, which is good as the sparks from grinding and welding have become a concern in the worst tinderbox conditions Alberta has experienced in over 80 years. (You can see the dry leaves on the ground to the right )
cone stone   This side was easier as Gena built up the welds more, and to the center, so much of it required no filling with the small mig.
The cone shaped stones ( seen right) seemed to last better than expected...I guess we'll find uses for the extras in the near future. Some of the imperfections were too small to be of concern, and would have only created more in trying to fill them.
The first pass with the stone was not cut all the way down for this reason. Every weld leaves minor undercuts, they're never perfectly on the surface. ( At least ours aren't ever ! )

Day 60:
6 hours:
Finished smoothing join at keel to hull!

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