Day 6 Cutting the radius (finished pieces shown)
Another fun day of cutting with the plasma cutter! This time it was hard to make a mistake though as we have rigged a radius guide comprised of Gena's amazing guide car, a ruler, a large CB antenna magnet-mount, and some precision measuring. See day 6-10 for photo. The radius came out exactly right! (Give or take 1/32").
Unfortunately we found that some of the radii were to be slightly greater, and some less. Should be easy enough to bend them out or in by 1/8".

Gena grinding off slag
During the week we also have been grinding the webs every chance we got, but figure there is a few more hours to do there. Estimate 12 hours of grinding over the past week.

Day 6:
7 hours, cut 22 radius sections of varying lengths from 14" to 40" and chipped and ground to finish.
These were all cut from leftovers from webbing cuts. Didn't need plate #5 after all! Not sure what to do with that extra piece now! :O)