Day58 Grinding below keel at stem Finishing, filling, and grinding
Smoothing things out is an important step, especially on a sailboat hull where looks are very important. Gena has been doing a great job grinding the edges and joins to a smooth and staight shape. I found my niche between the hull and keel joint, where I smoothed down the large welds to a soft "lump". This will preserve the strength of the weld while allowing a good paint job with no missed holes or crevices.
Completing the bow required some fine work with an 1/8" disc on the grinder, and then the belt sander. This will be all above the water and the first thing people will see!
Gena, seen at right, proudly primes the finished bow. Likely the filling and grinding along the keel and aft stem area will take us into winter, so this will be the last page included until next spring. ( That is unless things start to warm up again, at which point we'll be back out there! )
This Sunday Gena worked on the aft end of the keel, while I put up another antenna for my winter radio hobby. She was actually going to take a well deserved day off, lounging around the house, but the bug got her at about 2 PM and she just had to go out and do some work, even though it was cold!
Here was the view from my room....

big pic please wait...

Have a GREAT winter ( or summer ) everyone!
Thankyou for the feedback and moral support

Day 58:
7 hours + 2 hours :
Filled, ground, and primed bow stem, bow, and forward part of keel. Filled and ground aft of keel.

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