Day57 More grinding and filling
As we are back on winter hours at the shop, Saturdays are no longer available for working on the boat so we try to make our one day per week count !
The keel bottom to side plate join was badly in need of completion, so grinding and filling was the order of the day. Happily, Gena bought us a new 6" grinder which did the job much quicker and effeciently than the 5".

Rounded edge of keel bottom
Inevitably some of the welds left small holes that were deeper than could be ground down. These were to be filled. We tryed the large MIG but found it would only undercut to create new holes, so it was decided to use the small welder instead. The welds wouldn't be structurally important, therefor it became my job to do all the filling as Gena followed with the grinder. Me welding below the
waterline could spell inescapable doom to a dry interior in the future haha!
I feel more confident in Genas' abilties in one sided welding. She has had some "farm" experience many years before I even knew what welding intaled.
Next, the keel to bottom was rounded off for a soft corner. The round is a bit over 1/4" radius off of the 1/2" plate. This shouldn't decrease the strength of the join as none of the effective weld was removed. The pic at right doesn't really show justice to the improved look. Once primed, it took on a very solid looking addition to the hull ! (Even though no-one will ever see it underwater, we finished it with pride! )
Each time we finish up, we prime. Who knows when winter will come so best be prepared.

Day 57:
8.5 hours - Ground, filled, and primed keel bottom and keel sides down to keel-hull join.

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