Day56 Welding up the keel
For most of the day Gena welded, and I ground the welds along the 1/2" bottom plate. It is very slow and tedious but the finished curve will look fabulous once done! The welds there are thick so they can be ground off. We're still not sure what to do along the bottom of the hull to keel join though.
To give my arms a rest, I decided to use our steel transom frame (that didn't work!) to cut an oversize transom plate. This wasn't of much use as the weather likely won't permit us to work with this until spring. I want to get it primed so rust won't start over winter, and it's more easy to handle now. I guess I'm going to be getting some practice welding as it will take
..Transom piece cut out ready for buffing and priming.
two to do the hull butt joins etc. It must be done alternately inside then outside. Of course I will be doing the inside, where ugly welds won't be so noticable haha!


12 hours: Welded, ground, filled, and started final grinding of keel. Cut transom shape.

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