Day 55 Putting up last keel plate
As luck would have it, today was a beautiful day to put on our last piece of hull plating!
..And my cutting was much improved, thanks (partially) to a new cup, manufacturers replacement tips and electrodes for the plasma cutter. They are finicky things plasma cutters. Another lesson learned:
Don't use aftermarket parts, it'll cost in the long run!! ..
( About $400 we figure )
The cutting from the template on the other side didn't have to be altered at all and once the plate patterned from it was in place, everything fit perfectly. The top was then trimmed away to fit underneath the half inch plate.
After we were sure of the fit, the plate was marked where the frames butted in, the moved away to cut slots in the keel plate. This must be done at this point as there is no way Gena could fit up inside to weld the frames on to the plate.
( She's skinny, but not that skinny! )

This way the welding can be done from the outside. ( See first pic at top of page ) Unfortunately, at about this time the wind started picking up. Luckily I had the foresight to buy a few yards of canvas material, which Gena hung over herself secured by old mag-mount antenna magnets. This blocked the wind off for a good weld.
( pic to right )
( Actually it wasn't canvas, it was drapery material.... that looked like canvas. I don't know who would want to use that for draperies! We should hang them up in our living room afterwards, complete with burn holes, what a conversation piece! )
Pictured to the left is an extreme close-up of my plasma cut of the plate bottom to hull curve. Keep in mind the plate is only 1/4" thick so it looks messier than it is.I still want to cut slower as the other tips couldn't go fast, thus resulting in the slag hanging down. Very little grinding was needed with this cut.
Finally we have all the plate in place. Now it's time for much welding (Georgena) and grinding. (Me)

Day 55:
7 hours - served up and tacked last piece of hull plate. Yippeee!!

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