Day53 Serving up port side forward keel plate
When something has been already done once, ie the opposite side of this plate in photo, usually things move a bit quicker and more smoothly. Not the case here.
I guess I was just having a bad plasma cutting day. The cheaper after-market electrodes recieved the blame. They just don't feel right! You have to be a plasma cutter to understand....
The cup that holds the tip away from the steel, as well as the insulative tip holder are now toast as a result of flaring and plasma arcing everywhere. Now I sit and think about it, they may have been damaged last weekend when I was trying to cut with only 40, then 30, 20 & 10 pounds of air pressure.
( I forgot to turn the damned air compressor on! ) Seems like an expensive mistake that's for sure!
up and down up and down!!   Anyway, my sloppy cutting job lead to much grinding and unhappiness on the part of Georgena. Then once in place, the curve didn't fit.
Up we hoisted again to fix the mistakes I had made. (I offered to do the grinding as it was my mess, I would clean it up)
This piece is also more complicated as we now can't see through from the other side to see if things are ok. Pulling in won't be assisted from the inside with come-alongs, it'll all have to be done from outside.
By the time we finally had it in place (Not pulled in at the front, just in place! ) the day was over. A new day tomorrow and we're sure things will go better.

Day 53:
Cut (butchered) from plywood patterns, and put up forward port side keel plate.

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