Day52 Putting up aft bottom keel plate
Today was much like yesterday, with the exception of the rudder support box bottom plate being added on. This piece extends past the aft end of the keel. Once the plate was up into position and marked for cutting, the extensions center was determined by using a plumb-bob down the the aft-stembar center. This is where the rudder will come out of the bottom of the boat. Keeping this absolutely vertical would be the logical thing to do as the aft end center of the keel is levelled vertical.

Gena inspecting welds
Unfortunately my cutting of 1/2" plate still needs some practice, so the squared off piece aft came out somewhat fanned, like a sparrows tail. We decided to leave it this way so trimming could be done after the plate was up, and the position checked for centering. Welding presents problems in the keel, as it is a relatively tight space inside. Even though it can't be seen in the photo to left, the other (left) side of side keel plating isn't on yet. This is to allow for maximum welding of the keel bottom plate to the frames. In some places, these would be totally inaccessable, ie fore and aft parts of keel.
As much welding as possible will be done before closing up the other side. The rest that can be reached will be done from the inside, ( with a shopvac drawing out the smokey air, we hope!)
The parts that can't be reached must be cut as slots to be welded in from the outside. Lining these up will be important. That will have to wait until next weekend.
In the meantime.....

Here's a pic for all you 3D enthusiasts!
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Day 52:
8.5 hours
Put up and welded aft bottom plate.

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