Day50 Clamps, clamps, clamps! Tacking on 1st & 2nd keel plate
Clamps, clamps, and more clamps! That plate just didn't want to agree with the keel frames! Because the plate is curving inward at the front of the keel to the 1/2 pipe, and the plate aft of that is curving in a different direction, pulling it in was not an easy job. Thick tacks had to be placed in front of the clamps to stop them from slipping off, and many clamps gave their lives today in the effort. Eventually, with the help of a hammer, victory was at hand.
The next step, and a necessary one as the keel couldn't possibly be left like this for a week, was to put on the aft keel plate.

After battening curve and cut, template is tested

Using template to cut the bottom of keel plate

Pulling up cut plate to mark other lines for cutting
As can be seen in the pics above, a template of the curve was marked, then cut with a jigsaw (carefully!), and tested back in place. Once a good fit has been accomplished ( the first was perfect brag brag brag!! ) the template is used to cut "the real thing", which is hoisted into place for more marking. This piece wasn't nearly as bad because there was very little compound curvature involved.

Here's a view of the keel and boat from the "passers by" view!

Day 50:
Served up aft plate to keel. Pulled in forward keel plate to 1/2 pipe. 9.5 hours

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