Day46 Puttin on aft-bottom plates
Even though the aft plates are the largest of the bottom plates, things went in quite well.
As the weather turned against us, we had to remove the pieces by hand under the tent, which was a bit scarey! It's amazing what can be done with some determination! Before a line could be drawn for the radius plate curve, the part of plate that sat over the aft stem bar had to be trimmed away until a fit could be accomplished.
A straight edge couldn't be used as the stem on the plates plane came up as a curve. Slowly trimming estimated lines was necessary.
After a "high" fit (oversize) was made, the lines drawn, and plate pulled down, cut, and put back up, the aft stem bar edge had to be ground out to fit. More grinding will likely be needed as the plate and radius plate needs to round in some to prevent a fishtail appearance. We didn't tack the very last couple of feet as a precaution.

Gena grinding the aft plate to aft stem join

The "finished" hull, a real boost to see it all together!

Day 46:
15 hours - Served up both aft-bottom plates to hull and tacked into place.