Day 457 Big Party! Emergency Steering
Well, it's party hardy time! And we're the nautical debutantes, soon to fly from the Wizard Lake nest.
With the help of outr favorite neighbor, Laura, who arranged everything, we showed the boat to dozens of people from the area. We had no idea how many were interested in the temporary landmark, namely our boat, and had a genuine curiosity. This was, after all, a rare opportunity to see what's inside an ocean bound yacht. One that will probably never happen again here. (They hope haha!)  Click these images to see them bigger
After everyone had had a little tour, sent up in groups of 4 or 5, we went down to Laura and John's where a bonfire / party had already started. It was quite a gathering, and many people there we didn't recognize, but they all knew us. Everyone had questions like "where will you go first?" or "did you ever want to give it up?" or "how long will you be cruising?".

It was a great night, and it was all about us. We received small gifts, and mementos from various neighbors, even a cake adorned with nautical ornaments!

  We were truly taken aback at how many people here have been rooting for us, quietly, so as to not tie up our time with visits. It was wonderful to meet everyone at last.

Laura, the writer responsible for getting us in the local papers and flyers, even wrote us a poem and read it next to the fire.

We are appreciative that so many all around our property had "gotten used to" the noise of hammering and grinding ( and cursing ha ha! ) and put up with it in lieu of slowly discovering what we were building.

   Some took the grand tour from the forepeak to the aft transom, and  others just had to try out the pilot's seat (photos left)

Everyone was amazed, and we blushed constantly.

I wish we could take everyone along for a ride around the islands he he!

It was a lot of fun, but the new mover (All-Tow)  has contacted us with a date, which is only a couple of days from now! We'd better get finished up! Loading whatever else needs to go into the boat that we want hauled out was primary for Gena today, but she managed to get some other things done as well. The house/porch is beginning to look more civil again now that all of the boat related things are out in the boat where they belong.
  The sewing machine we bought last week at an antique store was working in the basic-est sense, but needed some tender loving care.
The other antique, which was also heavy duty, was too old to zigzag stitch. We always thought it did. My stepsister took it off of our hands.


   Once Gena oiled and cleaned all of the gears in the machine, it took right off like it has a  new lease on life. It's a very good machine, I hope it can handle sails.

Next she welded the emergency tiller quadrant arm, if it should be called that, and got the thing in place on the rudder shaft.


Emergency Tiller

   Every ocean cruiser should have an emergency tiller of some kind. We do have the auto helm, but this is better. If the hydraulics fail (which is a very real possibility having only one cylinder) there now can be a way to rig a temporary steering that wouldn't leave us going around in circles waiting for a tow.

   As can be seen in this photo, the arm fits right on top of the shaft. We had a 2x2 square machined into the end of it ( thinking ahead! ) and after some modification to the arm (it turned out to be slightly over 2" on 2 sides)  eye bolts were added to secure some cable to.

On the other end of the cable is the steering shaft. The sheave is removable, and the cable is run around twice then through holes drilled into the back.

The whole thing took a couple of tries for alignment, but once tensions were set, it seemed pretty solid.

There is also a pair of turnbuckles which can't be seen in the photos.

The whole setup, left together, has been stored under the berth next to the rudder tower. It should be able to be on in less than 5 minutes.

The berth would need to remain flipped up because of the cables.

PC Case

Before the boat goes out, I would like to have the PC case for my desk installed. Once we're out there, it will be our main PC and internet (hopefully) connection.

Because it's enclosed to reduce possible water damage, it requires a fan. When the box is flipped up under the deck, the fan intake and vents will be covered by gasketing.

The fan seating had to be routed in about 1/4" to allow room for the tablet PC, a fujitsu 5010.

Here's a video (for the pedestal actually) of how the box goes together. Before the holes were cut in it, I did a water test. Looks like the glue held!

This one doesn't need and absolute seal, but it's good practice for the PC that will be out on the pedestal, which does.

I blacked out the face the same way as day456 when the TV was installed. This wasn't all today, but the rest was drying time.

The large top area is to accommodate all of the wiring, the fan, and plugs into the PC. The red button is just a piece of rubber inserted in a hole that lines up with the "real" button on the tablet to turn it on. I may find something better.

Here it is in place at last! My desk looks so much more finished now. It's been a long road to get it here.


I did make one mistake. I forgot to leave the paint off for the infra-red sensor for the keyboard. I ended up just scraping a little square off with a knife and it works fine now. :)

Day 457:
7 hours? - didn't mark it down. Made PC case, emergency tiller setup, partied!

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