Day 450 Carpeting & woodwork
The remaining time before the haul out to the coast is closing fast, so things must be finished off! With that in mind, and the dash finished, I focused my efforts toward getting woodwork odds and ends completed. Gena went full force on her hatches and the carpeting of the pilothouse, but since I'm the one writing this, me first!
 The hump under the dash still needs a top and one more side. Just to keep a good decor appearance, I have wrapped the top plywood with 2 layers of foam and then carpet, glued and stapled. (photo right)

The finished product is in the pictures below.

 The little drawer under the navigation table was still "not there" so I put that together next. The tambour theme has been continued and should look like it belongs.
The next thing on my agenda was the frames for the makeup lights. These go around the circular oval shaped mirror in the head over the sink. Each strip I previously made has 60 SMT LEDs on it that provide an almost even light when encased inside some 3/8" nylon pipe.
The pipe will be filled with the curved LED strips, then pushed into the open end and snapped into the closed end. A couple of dabs of glue will keep it in place. I'm pretty excited about getting these on!
And the last thing for the day, which also took the longest ( froze my toes!) was to cut out the two round portlight frames for the little aft portlights over the berth.
I'm not sure if this was the best way to do it, but they are accurate for sure! I routed around and around both inside and out until there was only 1/16" of wood left. After that I routed in the fancy patterns, then used the jigsaw to cut the thin layer left. Once cut I hand sanded them smooth.

Look for all of these wood projects in the next few days as they must be coated etc. before getting installed.


When I came up into the boat later that afternoon, I was taken aback. Wow does it ever look different with the carpet in! No more ugly plywood. Just a nice blue, which looks great with the oak in my opinion. Nice job Georgena!

Here's some nice big photos of the whole area. You must agree that the pilothouse looks pretty finished now! Gena had to order 2 more lift handles if you are wondering why there aren't any on the aft hatches.

 Excitement builds when we realize just how close to finished we are.

The pilothouse


Day 450:

13  hours - made drawer, portlight frames, finished under dash hump, and make up light frames. Fit hatches/ hinges and latches, Carpeted PH floor and fit trim!

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