Day 443  Nav Seat BBQ mount
    Continuing with the navigation table seat, I had to re-create the back support. I wanted to detach it from the original frame and use it but as luck would have it (along with bizarre manufacturing methods) the thing was spot welded right on. (photo above) It was too much of a mess to use.
It was used to trace on to  a slab of 1/8" stainless plate. A little more work, but it'll look great.

The solid 1/2" rod support arm had to assume a strange shape to both fit in place and stop in the proper position.

I just "eyed and tried" to get the shape. Problem was way too much exercise going up and down into the boat  over and over! Once I was confident it was right, I parked the bender, and welded on the pivot rod. (photo right)


The support drops into an aluminum bracket I stole from the alternator Gena didn't use. ( That Dosai alternator died for no reason, brand new-worked once-died!) This, in turn is bolted to the wood.

I cut and twisted a short length of flatbar to act as a lock when the seatback is folded in. That way it makes a great handhold coming up from aft.

I love multi-functionality!

I'm proud of this seat, it solves the nav. table seating problem. I had wanted the nav. table to be larger than 30" wide, but I have recently discovered that everyone has small tables, and just fold the charts anyway.

There it all is (below) the navigation station. Good unless we gain a lot of weight!

Gena added more ducting to the fan she was doing up yesterday, Then made the bracket for the Barbecue. We have purchased one of the nice cylindrical stainless units by Force 10.

You'll see that soon as we were too cheap to buy the accompanying BBQ table so I must make one  to fit it.

 There it is ready for the 'Q. Cold days like this makes one appreciate the warm sun drenched days when one actually uses a barbeque!

Day 443:
 6 hours: Made more fan ducting, BBQ mount, and finished nav seat

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