Day 440 Main track Car !
Sometimes one of us pulls something off that completely surprises the other. Genas main track car was such an accomplishment.
 The other morning we looked at the possible angles we could get away with. I gave my advice on the single sheave's angles, and we concurred. I won't lie and say I know anything about the track system on a main, but I do know we won't be racing so will rarely use those <halyards?> when under load.
The idea of the whole thing is to get either a 2:1 purchase on the lines, or a 3:1, possible by terminating the line on the car and bypassing the turning block straight to a cleat.

Because either winch can pull over the main sheet, the other could be used strategically to pull in the race if needed. One would have to plan ahead. She wanted to use a double sheave but everything is already too high as it is.

She drew out a pattern based on the bottom of the original plate for the connecting points, then used the large sheaves to get a shape for the top. It came out looking like a high quality car!

The holes were almost and after thought, and did reduce the weight some, but most of all, they look really cool!

Spacing the whole thing took patience and connecting the 2 sides without distortion was a real sequence. Careful and slow.

The frame was so hard to polish, we both had turns at it over the course of the day.

Once on the curved track, there was just enough room for each little car to turn around it. It also can lean down just enough for a down wind boom forward.

S.S. spacers were used for the center bolts. The Torlon sheaves centers were used for their standoffs.

She's proud of this one, and I'm proud she pulled it off. Awesome job Georgena!
I kept on with the davits, right into the evening again. Smoothing and polishing these is a real time consuming task.

I have actually finished one davit! Yay!!

The latching mechanism works well, and doesn't release at all. In fact it's quite a "snap" when it it turned outward. The big strength test is coming up, check pro55.htm for updates.

Day 440:
 12 +/- hours: Davit work continues, cut, smoothed, and polished big main track car.

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